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Indoors or outdoors, Fruity Clave will make your event go with a bang!

About Fruity Clave

Fruity Clave samba band drums     

We are a spicy little percussion ensemble performing music that has roots in Brazil but drawing influence from all around the world. We play stomping Brazilian rhythms fused with modern British percussion, creating a sunny carnival atmosphere wherever we are.

Fruity Clave was formed in 2004 by community musician Tom the Pom as a small group of accurate drummers with a passion for samba and a sense of humour.

Since then we have rocked street carnivals, nightclubs, college balls, private parties, clubs and town centre shoppers. We can perform indoors our outdoors, need no amplification or other equipment and can even join or lead processions as we play.



Are you loud?
Yes! We sound best in medium to large venues. We can perform indoors or outdoors.

Do you need any additional equipment on the night?
No, we come fully equipped and require no amplification.

How much do you charge?
It depends who you are, what you want and how much you can afford! We like to make sure our charges are appropriate for each event. Please contact us to discuss our fees.

Where can you play?
We are based in Cambridge, and usually play in the area (around 30 miles or so). We are happy to go further afield for a good gig but there may be some extra costs involved for transport.

Are you static or mobile?
Either. The beauty of samba instruments are that they are strapped to the musician allowing us to parade or boogie as we wish.

Are there always 9 of you?
We play with between 5 and 10 performers - let us know if you require a larger or smaller band.

How long do you play for?
It depends for how long the audience wants some samba! A typical evening or event might involve two 20 minute sets or one 45 minute to an hour set. Let us know what you would like.

What types of events do you play at?
Every event needs some samba so we will play anywhere! Previous Fruity events have included college balls, corporate events, charity parades, christenings, parties, festivals...

What does the word 'clave' in your name mean? And how do I pronounce it?!
Clave (pronounced clah-vay) means 'key' in Spanish and Portuguese. In Afro-Cuban music the clave is the key pattern that holds a rhythm together.

You don't look Brazilian.
We're from all over the place but not, admittedly, Brazil.

Do you teach / perform workshops?
We can recommend different, professional musicians who can offer samba or various other workshops tailored to your requirements. Just ask.